• Auctioning excess inventory
  • Sell with an exciting alternative
  • Allow customers to pay online

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Delivery within 20 days

Set up a high-quality auction website that surpasses its competition. The auction site that delivers exactly what you expect. Establish a fully automated auction site, freeing up your time.

Start your own auction website, where the creators go above and beyond for you, even after delivery. That's the way we, as leaders in auction sites, operate. Want to auction online without paying a commission? With us, you can have your own secure website built.

We give your sales a boost

Auction off excess inventory. Enjoy income through commission. Or simply offer your products and services through an exciting alternative alongside your own website. Auction sites provide extra income without too much effort.

Truly, anything is possible. A machinery auction, flower auction, or foreclosure auction? Our auction sites are hot! More and more entrepreneurs are cleverly capitalizing on them, from real estate agents to online stores, from startups to auction houses. Setting up an online auction?

Establishing a good auction site

Is your target audience reserved or outgoing? We will create an auction website that precisely meets your visitor's expectations. With email or SMS notifications for each bid, quick searching for lots, easy registration, and fast bidding. That's just the beginning.

Start an easily manageable auction site? It's possible with SiteCMS. Add lots, publish an auction, and determine the auction schedule. You can do it yourself. Thanks to automated administration with invoicing, you'll save time.

Your lots high in Google

Set up an auction site that Google understands seamlessly. We'll get your lots to the top of Google. Our auction platform works quickly and is logically structured. That makes your auction site truly 100% search engine friendly.

We work with SEO and SEA. Good keyword analyses with logical texts. We publish them on effective landing pages. With AdWords, we give your lots an extra boost. Making an auction site with a wide reach? We handle it!

Reliable auction software

After years of innovation, we've succeeded in launching efficient online auction software. The auction software runs on the stable Phalcon framework. Phalcon is also the fastest framework. Don't let your bidders wait on the auction software!

As an auction site builder, we use the new Node.js technique. With Node.js, developers have managed to create one million connections simultaneously on a server. Creating a professional auction site starts with stable auction software.

Start your own auction site

Set up an auction site that you manage yourself. Start your own auction site that ensures fair auctions and handles them automatically. Create the auction site where our CMS allows you time for other matters, like realizing fantastic experiences.

Starting an auction site is the most complex kind, where every interaction is equally innovative. Yet, we have succeeded in that dozens of times. Start your own auction site, where hundreds of users bid against each other to win fantastic products.

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