Our Story

With joy and without bosses

Our strength lies in working with pleasure on sustainable platforms. That's for happy customers. We deliver solutions that can best serve your members. This way, we achieve the goals of your members and thus your goals too. We do this in a trusted environment and without bosses.

Our Story

Your business is our business

And we delve into that. We immerse ourselves in your members. We contemplate on how we can best serve them and then come up with a solution that contributes to that. Design and technology are fully aligned. No dirty tricks, everything for a sustainable online platform.

Start a Platform

Create a Professional Platform

And grow your membership

We create platforms that your members love to use. This is how we make an impact. We've been doing this since 2004. Our customers helped us grow. We help grow the membership of our customers. Our motto 'With just a beautiful platform, you won't get there' is central in all our platforms.

Working with passion

We believe that better results are achieved when working with joy. Only people with 100% passion for the profession work with us. No 9 to 5 mentality. We are allergic to that. Even in the evenings, a lot is learned, and systems are continuously improved.

Our own system

We don't work with open source. We have our own platform software. Everything is based on a solid foundation. That's why our platforms are scalable, easy to maintain, and easy to expand. Our platforms are ready to grow further. 

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