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Looking for Dating Software?

Searching for dating software to connect members? You can enjoy monthly income with memberships. High-quality design, reliable technology, and many possibilities—those are the characteristics of our dating software.

Thinking of creating a dating site? Matching members is now easier than ever. Expand your member base quickly and provide your members with an unforgettable dating experience. Setting up a dating site? Our dating software ensures online dating of the highest level.

Good Dating Software

Do you want to start a dating site? Since 2004, we've been working on online dating software. Our online dating software is well-thought-out, secure, and fast. It is based on Phalcon and Elasticsearch, allowing members to use your dating software without page refreshes.

When we create your dating site, it will function well with our online dating software even with thousands of visitors. We don't work with standard dating scripts. We provide a comprehensive solution based on good and reliable online dating software.

Managing Dating Software

Approve profiles and provide support to members. You can do it all yourself. You also get control over the matchmaker. This way, you determine the profile characteristics and what your members can search for. Additionally, we keep the dating software up-to-date for free. And that's safer.

Starting a dating website with an automated back office? Without any effort, each membership is automatically renewed, and the subscription fee is collected. Through the administration panel, you have an overview of all your income, and you adjust your strategy accordingly.

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