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Are you looking to create a job board? We specialize in setting up job boards. A panel that allows employers to publish vacancies themselves, candidates to apply online, and how about an admin environment giving you full control?

Creating a job board that is searchable with search engines, linked to Google for Jobs, and quickly profitable with a convincing design – that's what we stand for.

Building a Job Board, Making It Click

Starting a job board? Choose a team with experience in job boards. Building a job board is our daily routine. Let us create a job website that your target audience will love to use. We are driven and passionate, and that's how we propel you forward.

  • Create a creative job board without compromising usability;
  • We build not only what you ask for but what you need;
  • Your business is our business. We are aware of that;
  • We invest in long-term relationships with our clients.

Setting Up a Job Board

Setting up a job board that performs exactly as expected on every device. Employers want to post jobs on computers, and candidates want to apply on phones. You might want to receive responses on watches.

Employers and employees can benefit optimally from your job board. Additionally, we will create a job board that automatically optimizes itself for the device it is viewed on. As a job board builder, nothing is too extraordinary for us.

Building a Job Board...

...Is More Than Creating a Beautiful Image

A search engine-friendly structure, a self-learning navigation, and jobs that are fully understandable to search engines – that's just the beginning. Our online marketing team supports with expert keyword analyses, SEO texts, and link building.

Want to create a job board that ranks high on Google? We deliver measurable results with simple monthly reports. Setting up a searchable job website? We have the complete expertise from construction to market placement.

Starting a Job Board

The goal of starting a job board is often to generate income. This can be done with manually closed deals, as many recruiters do. However, employers often find this approach annoying. Creating a job board that generates income automatically?

With subscriptions for employers or with advertisements? Everything is possible. Setting up a job board that automatically invoices. Starting a job board that becomes profitable easily without too much administrative hassle. We assist with that.

Creating a Job Website with Measurable Success

Starting a job website that yields returns? It starts with simple reports. Where do your visitors come from, which candidates apply the most, and which employers post the most jobs? You'll find everything in the reporting program.

Then we tailor your job board accordingly. Landing pages, automatic SEO with dynamic texts based on the search query, and clear job features. You manage it all yourself. Creating a job board with a good ROI?


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