Get a logo designed
Own logo with 100% satisfaction guarantee
Any type of website, Workplace
€ 299,00
Set up a vacancy site
Description: Have you had a job board website built and are struggling with setting it up? With this support, we completely take care of setting up your job board. We add search filters, configure job properties, and optimize your job board for Google for
1170 euro
Website beheer
€ 1.170,00
Setting up a business website
Set up menu structure add texts and place photos
Zakelijke website
Website beheer
€ 720,00
Add a product to the online store
Provide us with your product texts, photos, and product features, and we will ensure that your product is neatly published in your webshop.
Content beheer
€ 90,00
Set up search filters
Provide what users should be able to search for in your overview. We will ensure that your overview becomes searchable with all the desired search filters
Elk type website
Content beheer
€ 180,00
Set up the matchmaker
Provide all profile characteristics, the 'I am looking for' profile to us, and specify the criteria for the system to match. We will ensure that the matchmaker does what you want it to do.
Dating site
Website management
€ 450,00
Set up profile page
Provide all desired profile characteristics, and we will ensure that those features are displayed on the profile within your dating site.
Content beheer
€ 180,00
Website setup support
Together with one of our consultants, you will spend 4 hours at our office working on the setup of your website, online store, dating site, or platform.
Elk type website
Website beheer
€ 360,00
Set up the platform
Did you get a platform made? Provide us with all your desires, and we will configure your complete platform.
Website beheer
€ 1.620,00
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